Finding worth in others is not weakness

In a society that promotes independence, selfishness and looking out for number one, dependence on others is often seen as weakness. Co-dependence, needing and asking for help is looked down upon. I don’t understand where this idea came from. As humans, we need each other! We need to have relationships with people, it’s what we were created to do! Try as you might, you could not survive off your own back – and it would be a miserable time even if you could. We all know the kind of things that happens to a person and their brain when they are totally isolated – so why is autonomy placed on such a pedestal? We can help each other and achieve so much more if we work together, but still there’s a backwards mentality that if you didn’t work to earn something purely under your own steam, you don’t deserve it. That could not be further from the truth! Praise and interpersonal relationships are critical for our mental health. Not to mention, there is value in doing good for others whether you get thanks from them or not.

It is important to think for yourself and be able to look after yourself, good if you don’t need validation from everyone in everything you do, but there is a serious problem if you can’t bring yourself to accept help or compliments when others are willing to give. If we are willing to serve others, then we should also be grateful when others are kind enough to serve us. If we understand that we need other people and vice versa, there is no shame in finding self-worth in that area. To know that another person relies on you is touching, and even more so to know that you are wanted! To be wanted and needed by another person is a great feeling and there is nothing weak about it. To accept a compliment and believe it is not necessarily stuck up or abusing another person’s kindness.

Having people in your life that you are close with is important – it doesn’t make you less valuable or make things you achieve less significant. You have value on your own of course, but finding worth in yourself through how you can serve others and how others see you is great! So many good attributes are discovered through relationships with other people; to get energy and happiness from external sources like other people is not weak! It is a blessing to have people who will remind you of your strengths and appreciate you. We all need to know our worth so that we can know how to best apply ourselves. So don’t be afraid to believe or accept compliments for fear of appearing proud or stuck up. Have grace and gratitude, and go grow your worth!


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