Letter of love – AL

white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dear AL,

We met during an interesting time for me; I was in the middle of year 12 with a lot of insecurity and uncertainty. From very early on, you have been lifting me up and showing me love that I didn’t know could come from someone I had met so recently. You gave me confidence in myself and my value. Time differences and distance have been challenging sometimes, but I am warmed by the effort I can see you putting in to maintain our friendship. Although sometimes the compliments felt like you were laying it on too thick to the point of inaccuracy, I think that was what I needed at the time to actually know and have proof that another person loved and cared about me and would look out for me.

Right from the get-go I could tell you were trustworthy and I could feel your kind intentions. You were magnetic and I could just see that you wanted to protect and care for all the people you love. I let you see inside my soul once or twice which normally would scare me to death, but you were so gracious and understanding of my fear that I couldn’t help but be comforted. I admire your serving spirit and your aspirations to help others in your career. You give so much and expect so little and I admire that. I know you will continue loving your friends and I pray that they will all know how lucky they are to have you.

Love keyboardphilosopher

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