Letter of love – You!

sunset hands love woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Dear Reader,

You didn’t think I’d neglect you now, did you? I am incredibly grateful to anyone who takes the time to read any one of my posts on WordPress. I love you for giving me a chance, letting me into your life even if only for a few minutes. I write this for you guys. I’m so grateful for people who choose to like posts or follow my blog, for people who comment and give me feedback. Thankful for people who read immediately when they’re notified or just when they’re bored and check their WordPress feed.

Without you all, keyboardphilosopher wouldn’t exist. I would be writing and putting my thoughts out into empty space; throwing ideas, theories and feelings into an empty abyss of nothing. But I see people in many different countries reading my work and it fills me with joy. That I am creating something that others appreciate or relate to. As a writer I am truly grateful for the opportunity to write for you guys and that you can read what I have to say.

I am less lonely after joining this WordPress community because I can see so many people like me, creating and sharing the things that matter to them. I’ve seen advice, encouragement, activities, creative expression and life blogs here and each one is so unique and beautiful. The different writing styles I see and different vernaculars get me excited to try reading and writing different styles of text. On behalf of all of us who read blogs, thanks to all of you who write; for sharing your work for us to enjoy.

Thank you reader, for being here. Thanks for giving me a chance and for the support you generously show in both my successes and failures.

Love keyboardphilosopher

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