Addressing Anonymity

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Right now, keyboardphilosopher doesn’t have my real name on it anywhere. If you were to stalk my Instagram page a bit, you would probably be able to work out who I am – but for the most part this is all quite separated from the rest of my life. I have no qualms about telling people I know in ‘real life’ that I write a blog, but I still don’t want to put my name or face to keyboardphilosopher for the world to see yet.

Lately at University I’ve been looking at technology and social media from a psychological perspective, and there is a lot to be said about anonymity. Of course once I started learning about it, I noticed it more and more in my own life. I had ask myself why I have remained anonymous so far.

When I began this journey, the reason I gave if someone asked why I was anonymous was that I wasn’t sure if I’d stick to this whole blog thing, and it didn’t feel right to commit my name to something I may well abandon. But now I’ve been doing this for near a year, that can’t be the reason anymore – I am committed to this, it is important to me and I’ve already told many people in my life about it, so obviously the anonymity isn’t that important to me.

I know I don’t want to put my face to it, and I at least know the reasons for that. Keyboardphilosopher is about me as a person and what goes on in my brain. It has nothing to do with my appearance or face, and I don’t want it to. I don’t want to bring in the assumptions and stereotypes my appearance could evoke. I don’t try to hide everything about myself; my age or gender or where I come from – I’m an 18 year old Uni girl in Australia. These things have an impact on who I am, how I define myself and who I wish to become. They are important to recognise because they shape my thoughts and opinions – they influence my work whether I like it or not. My face isn’t something I’ve put effort into changing or developing or learning about – it isn’t important to me. I don’t think my appearance has any effect on my words. So I don’t display it.

When it comes to my name though… it’s harder for me to answer. Maybe I’m concerned about my digital footprint when it comes to future job searching or screening, maybe I’m not very confident in myself and I’m hiding behind the safety of the internet… In truth, I really couldn’t say. I’m just waiting for something.

I thought I might reveal my name when I turned 18 – I obviously didn’t. Some milestone perhaps, a one year anniversary? 100th post celebration? I don’t know… those milestones wouldn’t make sense for me personally to reveal my name because they’re not related. And does it even have to be a big deal?

I’m waiting for it to feel right – for when I feel comfortable and like it will be useful. I don’t know when that will be. I don’t mind if it’s tomorrow or in 5 years, if it’s a Wednesday at midnight or a Saturday at 7:21am, if it’s just a lowkey drop at the end of a regular post or if I draw more attention to it. I don’t have a plan, but I don’t have fear either.

What about you? Is your work on WordPress anonymous? If it is, what are you reasons?

Stay safe,


2 thoughts on “Addressing Anonymity

  1. Hi V,
    I want keyboardphilosopher to speak for my thoughts and not my appearance too and while I’m not introverted I can say there is a degree of hiding within the anonymity that is so easily found in an online platform such as this


  2. I can absolutely understand the desire to stay anonymous on wordpress.
    Personally, I’m a huge introvert. I just… didn’t want to show myself because I wanted my blog to speak for my thoughts, not for who I am/what I look like. As it has continued to grow the introvert in me only says ‘hide, hide, hide’ louder than ever before. lol

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