Don’t get ahead of yourself!

Don’t celebrate until the work is done. Don’t jump the gun before everything is finished. Wait for the end before going to the after-party. Allow things to settle before moving onto the next stage of a process.

When things are moving in a good direction it can certainly be tempting to slack off or skip ahead to the next step. Don’t do it! Let everything run its course to completion first. Circumstances change and if you stop working towards your goal just because you’re almost there, it might slip further away. Don’t assume things will go according to plan just because it’s working so far. That’s when corners get cut, we get reckless and make mistakes. We jump into things before we’re ready. For us to be ready, that includes the circumstances beyond our direct control. Just wait. It’s agonising I know, but it’s far better to live without something for just a little longer than to make a costly mistake by rushing things.

If you treated yourself to a drink for finishing just a part of the job, you’ll be well and truly sloshed by the end and incapable of finishing to a high standard. Don’t go out joy riding with all your mates on the last day before your full license – you could have that taken away from you quick as a wink. If you finish half your exams feeling confident that you aced them and it was super easy, you may still jolly well fail your remaining assessments if you choose not to study any more. You may have trained for months to climb Mount Everest and be in peak physical condition, but if you set out on a day when the weather isn’t clear enough you’ll be in trouble.

Trajectories may change if you stop putting the work in. Be patient. Wait it out. Have faith that it will all be worth it.


Stay safe,


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