Sharing interests

Is there anything more exciting than watching someone take an in interest in the things you care about?

It’s a really special feeling when a friend asks about your hobbies or even offers to join you in them. I love being asked about my blog or Guides, it’s encouraging to know people care and listen to the things I talk about. They remember when I mention going on camps or they might comment on a post of mine that they read and it warms my heart. It’s an amazing thing to know that someone has taken an interest in you personally, listened to you and made an effort to remember these things simply because they’re important to you! It boosts confidence and trust, makes you feel important and means you now have another mutual interest. But there is one thing that feels even better to see someone take an interest in. One thing that I have found so much joy in sharing, and that is the Gospel.

Showing someone God’s love and forgiveness who has never seen it before is such a pleasure. To be asked questions about Christianity or scripture or my personal Christian walk; it’s so exciting to see such eagerness and curiosity. I thank God for the ways he is working in people who don’t yet know him but also that He has blessed me with the chance to see the Spirit moving in such a transforming way. It reminds me of God’s love and power when I might otherwise get desensitised to that miracle because it’s so familiar. I hope I get to see it more and more in my life; to be able to witness that complete turnaround. I know that every time one person is saved, there is huge rejoicing in heaven. Yes! I want everyone to hear the truth and receive it with open minds and hearts! I pray this for everyone but especially those I know in my own personal life. I want everyone to know that wonderful, unending love and be filled with joy and thankfulness. Even if I won’t see it with my own eyes, I want people to be transformed by grace and repent.

That is the best thing I could ever share about my life – the hope I find in Jesus, that is free for anyone and everyone who wants it. When someone wants to find out more about Christianity and my faith, that is even better than wanting to know about my hobbies.

If you are not a Christian, I encourage you to find out more about it. I’m not saying take everything blindly, in fact I beg you read the scripture yourself in order to decide who you think Jesus is. If you are a Christian, talk about it! Put your lamp on its stand to give light to the whole house. Your life is built around and according to your faith, let the world see it!

Stay safe,


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