Our common interest – introduce yourself!

Here on WordPress, we all share a common interest. On that basis alone, we have some starting grounds to make some connections. Let’s get some interaction going! I’d love to get to know you all better and provide an opportunity to share what’s important to you and meet some fellow creators.

Who are you? Why do you write and what do you write about? Why do you blog as opposed to writing in a journal the world would never see? How long have you been in the game for? Do you get paid doing writing in some capacity (on WordPress or as an author or journalist etc), or do you have another job?

I’ll start. I’m keyboardphilosopher or kp. I’m an 18 year old university student in Australia. I live at home with my parents, siblings and my dog Candie. Psychology is something I find very interesting and I want to eventually pursue a career in that field, working with youth and families in particular. Even though my degree has told me repeatedly not to psychoanalyse myself, I still do – med student disease is very familiar to me.
I’ve been blogging here for a bit more than a year and I write about whatever’s on my heart if I feel it may be helpful for someone else to read. I love expressing myself in written word, it’s very satisfying for me to decipher my ideas and arrange them in a way they can be understood. I choose to blog because I want my writing to have an opportunity to help people and because I love the community that surrounds this kind of online creative work.

Now it’s your turn. Introduce yourself, tell us about your work and meet each other in the comments.

Stay safe,

3 thoughts on “Our common interest – introduce yourself!

  1. I am also an 18 year old, also living at home, also have an interest in psychology –though, at this point, not much more than a passing interest. Beyond that, I have always been homeschooled, am a great lover of games and ice cream, and consider myself an optimistic cynic (as well as lots of other things that may or may not be true). As for my blog, I primarily write poetry, which serves as an outlet to me, be it for a feeling; or, occasionally, my imagination.

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