photo of fireworks
Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels.com

At the moment this post goes up, the clocks just ticked over into 2020. I’m excited for a lot of things this year, but mostly to work harder than I did in 2019. I want to work harder at university, in leadership, in my job, in my faith and in all my relationships – 2019 felt a bit slack for me. But it wasn’t without its wonderful moments and lessons.

There are a lot of things I was enabled to accomplish in 2019 that I can be satisfied with. I started university and got through my first year quite well. I turned 18, started getting into adult life and navigating new things I hadn’t encountered before. I built lots of new relationships and went on several camps and trips, which is always a highlight of mine. I went to live concerts as well as the ones in my head, I stepped up my blog posts to once per week and (mostly) kept up the schedule… I could go on because this year was, on the whole, fantastic!

But I know that isn’t everyone’s experience, and there were plenty of clouds that darkened these past 12 months. I’m grateful that I can see the bright sides to my year and list so many things I’m thankful for. God has blessed me this year alone in more ways than I can count. I want to give him glory for everything I have achieved, and look him for guidance in 2020 and the rest of my life. When hard times come, as they always do, I hope that I will not lose sight of God and all his blessings; that I will cling to him in times of uncertainty, leaning on the people he has put into my life for love and support.

We grow through the pressure and challenges that fall on us; I find it to be one of the most beautiful aspects of our design. So my prayer for you in this change of season, is that you can learn from the year that has been. Find things to be grateful for as well as things to improve upon. Time marches ever forward, seize it as it comes. Happy New Year, and God bless you all.

Stay safe,


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