A letter to all who have endured


I wanted to remind you today that you are alive. If you are reading this or hearing it, you are alive.

I’m not going to tell you to be grateful, that might be too much to ask right now. I’m not going to be condescending and tell you how lucky you are to exist. I probably know very little about you, and this might be the only communication we ever have. But I’m still talking to you.

I wanted to tell you well done. You have survived everything that has come your way so far. That’s not easy. You’ve been through things that I could never imagine. You’ve seen beauty and wonder. You’ve seen suffering and pain. You may have lost a lot. You may have gained more than you ever dreamed. You may be thriving. You may be struggling. You may be drifting, unsure of where you’re going. But you are alive – even if you can’t feel it. You’re on this planet flying through space, surrounded by others on the same spinning rock.

There is more in life to come. Many good things, but probably more challenges too. There might be points where you can’t see a way to continue. But I assure you, you can get through it as you have done so far. Rest up. Drink water. Eat your greens. You’re doing a fantastic job.