Put on a happy face

That’s the last thing I feel like doing right now. I’m on the bus home from work at 11:30pm after staying back an hour longer than I was rostered on for. My feet are killing me, my cheeks hurt from smiling and my throat feels like I gargled sand.

But even though I don’t feel the best right now, I am still content. I’m extremely grateful for my job. So while my lips aren’t stretched ear to ear, my heart is happy.

I pray this for all of you, that you can find comfort in uncomfortable times. That you will be able to find something to be happy about or grateful for in every circumstance.
So I’m going to figuratively put my feet up now (not literally, no feet allowed on bus seats) and enjoy the rest of my trip home. I hope that whatever may be troubling you now will pass, and you will find peace.

Stay safe

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