Resuming routines and reinstating resolutions

I started back at university this week, and I have resolved to improve my study habits from last year. So far, 2 days in, I’m doing great. I’ve attended all my classes, taken notes down during my lectures and reviewed them after class, jotting down the things I missed.

It’s been a strange experience because on one hand, I’m getting back into a familiar setting of study however I’m also making a point to do things differently than my last year’s efforts. I wonder if any of you know this feeling? Perhaps you would take a break from a task because you weren’t in the right mindset, only to find that when you return to it, changing your outlook is harder than you thought.

So what can we do to make this transition easier?

I’d love to hear your advice, but the best thing I’ve learnt is to shoot for even more than what you really want. If you aim high, small compromises won’t mean you don’t reach your goal.

Most importantly though, be forgiving and understanding with yourself. Cut yourself some slack. Change takes time and energy, it won’t happen overnight. But you can do it.


Stay safe,


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