Front row seat to the end of the world

It’s hard to look away from disturbing news. The current health crisis of course is the prime example, but this goes for a lot of things.

I want to stay up to date with the world but I cannot keep checking the news- it’s sucking my life and happiness up.

Things are going wrong everywhere – people are losing work and income, worrying about family and friends and trying to keep ourselves entertained in the seemingly shrinking confines of our homes. I have no more shifts at the restaurant I’m employed at because it has stopped all service except takeaway. My boss from the last place I worked has kindly given me a day tomorrow to come back at least for a little while. My studies are all online, face to face church is cancelled and my extroverted self is horrified at the prospect of being stuck inside with no one but my younger siblings for company.

What on earth are we to do? I don’t have the answers. But we just try to survive. It’s all we can do.

Keep others safe by practise good hygiene and social distancing. Wash your hands. Avoid public transport. Take extra care with the elderly, immunicompromised and everyone else who is more at risk than you or I.

Don’t panic. Don’t go emptying the supermarkets at someone else’s expense. Be reasonable.

These responses may seem like they couldn’t possibly make a difference. But they can. Follow your government regulations. God is still there and he has not given us a spirit of fear. Therefore draw strength from Him.

Stay safe,

Stephanie ❤

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