Sorry, but you’re pretty dumb.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just you. People are, on the whole, irrational and stupid. We rely on heuristics and shortcuts leading us to mistakes and biases. We mess up all the time. We make illogical choices. We don’t do what we know we should and we go through with things we know are unwise. We’re bad at estimating and attributing reasons. We think when things go right it’s our doing, but when things go wrong it’s outside of our control. And of course when someone else messes up, it’s probably their own fault. We incorrectly assume that other people might fall victim to these biases, but we know better of ourselves and would never have our judgement clouded…

It’s anarchy. But it’s also special. We’re not robots. We don’t live our lives running numbers to make everything as efficient as possible. Sometimes we’re late because we miss the turn off. But we get to take the scenic route. Happy little accidents happen all the time, we make them part of our lives. They’re beautiful. That’s reality as humans. Our brains aren’t computers. We forget things. Our bodies will eventually break down. But we can invent things. Create things, wonderful stories and ideas, even the ludicrous in our dreams.

You will be irrational sometimes. That’s okay. We can’t handle being perfect all the time or make the statistically best decision in every situation. We have limits. But that’s why breaking them is so remarkable. Doing things we once never thought possible. I’m glad I’m not perfect. I’m glad I can’t comprehend perfection. I like my messy life. I love every silly person I know, idiosyncrasies, faults and quirks. So yes, you and I are dumb for the most part. We can’t consider everything that goes into a choice on balance to come to the true conclusion. But rationality is overrated. Originality is far better.

Stay safe,


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