I’m still here

Saturday 6th June 2020

I’ve missed two weeks of writing. I didn’t care to write anything. I didn’t have anything to say and thought that it wouldn’t be missed. I was mostly correct there, but there was one person who asked if I’d forgotten to upload for both weeks. I hadn’t forgotten. I just didn’t feel like writing.

Writing used to make me happy, no matter what the numbers told me. I’ve just pushed through in previous times when I wasn’t in the mood to write. I needed to make sure I kept my schedule. But suddenly, I didn’t care.

Truthfully, amongst all the other crazy stuff happening in the world, the numbers have gotten to me, and I doubt that my work is really contributing to the world. Is this where I stop? Where I just give up and my blog meets its fate of gathering digital dust with no more updates? Buried under ever-increasing mountains of information that is constantly added to the worldwide web. If I stop writing, the chances of people finding old posts decreases with every second. If I stop moving forwards, will I only go backwards, far away from the world, never to see the light of day again? Well, as I’ve said before, not necessarily.

After all, I’m still alive. All the data coded into my url is still there. I’ve kept up my schedule pretty well since I began in 2018, even when I doubled my frequency almost a year ago. There are now more than 36,000 words published across 67 posts, all originating from my little squishy brain. There is something to be proud of there surely! For someone who rarely spends more than three days on any essay, that’s a lot of commitment.

More than anything, this is a reminder that keyboardphilosopher is not dead, even though her Instagram has been pretty dormant. I still have the same inspiration and goals. I still enjoy reading others blogs and contributing to the greater blogosphere. I’m still kicking. I’ll try to get back into weekly writing while life goes on. Importantly, I’m still cheering for all of you who read this. I love you, even if I haven’t met you. You deserve to be alive. You are a beautiful creation. Keep your hearts pumping and music thumping, we’re all on the same space rock.


Stay safe,


4 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. It can be hard to know when you help someone… You may have already done more than you realize. And, having more readers doesn’t necessarily mean you’re helping more people. Just some food for thought.
    “If I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.”
    –Emily Dickinson

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  2. It’s a great attitude to have for sure, and I hope I can get there. But one of the reasons I write is with hope that I could help someone else and contribute to the wealth of information in the world. But it’s true that writing on the whole, if you take away the platform of a blog is about expression and experience, not traffic.

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  3. It doesn’t have to contribute to the world. What’s important, I think, is whether it contributes to you. Sometimes, blogging can be such a pain, especially when there’s a part of you (and EVERYONE has that part) that longs for some acknowledgement, some appreciation, some measurable sign of worth. But the worth of blogs isn’t counted in followers or likes; it’s counted in experiences. Maybe your experience will always be a certain degree of obscurity, maybe not — but every post you write, no matter whether it’s well-read, is an exercise in courage and determination… and those are things that are yours to carry with you, if you so choose.

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