Just do it. But still think.

Do it. Not right now of course. Finish reading this first, so I can make some exceptions.

I don’t know what it is you’re not doing. It could be something you need to do but don’t feel like, maybe take a shower, write a paper or get up and go to work. It could be something you want to do but are afraid, like trying a new style, asking someone on a date or trying/learning a new skill or activity.

This, of course, is not permission to follow everything that comes into your head. To paraphrase Paul, everything is permissible but that doesn’t make everything good. This is why I make caveats to safety of yourself and others, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. There are other exceptions to the rule – if it is totally unnecessary and provides no gain to you or anyone, I’d suggest not wasting your time. Thankfully, a gain is a very broad thing. An increase in happiness I think is worth chasing, however once again, there is an “unless” factor. If the crash after the high is worse than before, it can be dangerous to chase that particular brand of happiness.

So… it isn’t as simple as just do it. We have to use judgement as always. But be that as it may, I still encourage you. If you deem it appropriate, take the leap. You know the authorities that you live under –decide what to do with that information. I’m not trying to endorse anarchy and charge every man to live as he sees fit with no regard of anyone else. But in the little things at least… take this as a prompt to consider again the things that you have been putting off.

Stay safe,


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