Things will turn around

I’ve been absent again. I haven’t been in the mood to pull up a new word document to make any attempt to write. I’ve been worried about university exams and finding work. I’ve been surrounding myself with music and other media, hiding away from people and not really wanting to do anything about it.

But things are looking up again. I’m switching from music that makes me sad to music that makes me happy. I’ve made some progress with finding work, applied to a bunch of positions and agencies and heard back from some of them. I’m this close to finishing uni for the semester and getting into a few glorious weeks of rest. I’m about to move house which will be a relief when it’s finished.

Things can get better. If you stick it out, things will get better. It might feel impossible, you may have forgotten happiness. But it is possible to find it again, even if it’s just a little taste.

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