Phew! It’s been a big couple months for me, lots of change, lots of progress and lots of reflection.

I’m almost halfway through the undergrad semester, only a little more than 6 weeks worth of classes remain before I will have finished the second year of my degree. My university’s AFES club had our Mid-Year Conference and Jesus week where I heard some amazing and encouraging stories, and saw people get curious about Christianity for the first time as well as get reacquainted with Jesus. I got a job, lost that job and got a new job, which has led to some late night assignments and resolutions to get ahead of lecture content where possible. I witnessed the baptism of a loved one and the support of church family in all of the aftermath. I had some more surgery, further progressing my path to getting permanent teeth. I’ve made some changes about my media consumption and gotten involved in more bible study groups… All of this is to say I’ve been busy in my absence.

You could say I’ve lost some of my motivation for blogging (my posting has been far from consistent since May), but as I’m writing now it’s easy to remember that I really do enjoy this. The honeymoon phase of writing as keyboardphilosopher has passed, but I’m feeling a renewal of energy and hitting a second win. Practising reflection in this way is good for my mental state – it’s a refreshing shift in my weekly grind. I really do love writing, but it isn’t an incidental part of my day – I hope I can put on another lens to see inspiration in mundane life and be motivated to write.

That’s all for now, there’s more to come.

Stay safe,


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