The oddity of waiting

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There is something strikingly strange about the anticipation of talking to someone.
I’m not talking about anxiousness about talking in general, social anxiety or a fear of confrontation. I’m referring to the feeling of knowing you want to talk to someone, but you just haven’t had the opportunity yet.
I’ve experienced this a couple times in the last week – I’ve wanted to ask people for advice but for various reasons I’ve found myself needing to wait a significant amount of time for an opportunity.

It’s been a very peculiar feeling. This kind of waiting is not uncomfortable for me, but it really occupies my mental space. When I’m alone, I find it hard to think about much else other than what I want to talk about. I couldn’t even write this post until I had spoken to the people I wanted to – I couldn’t take it off my mind.

My thoughts dance around phrases and words, imagining how things might pan out and responses I may hear. It’s a peaceful riot because it stays in my head. When words eventually come tumbling out, there is relief and excitement in finally getting a reaction.

And then it’s all over. The concerns are expressed, questions are asked and answered and advice is offered. And we can move on.

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