Delayed waves

I spent a weekend away on the river with my church. There were majestic cliffs, gorgeous views and chill vibes all around. I personally enjoyed a quiet kayak on the serene water, but some of our holidaying neighbours preferred jet skis and motor boats.

Any time a jetski or boat would pass, a group of us girls would run eagerly to the pontoon and wait for the wake to reach us. The waves would rock the pontoon, splashing us and throwing off our balance. We’d scream with delight, trying to balance on one leg and joyfully laugh when we came tumbling down.

The river traffic was typically on the other side where water was deeper, so it would take a while for the waves to reach our shore. There was quite some time between seeing the boat and feeling the effects.

I think people can be like pontoons.

Life events come rushing at us, stirring up water and making the river turbulent. But it doesn’t always hit right away. Shock delays the onset of reactions. It’s like watching a movie play out in front of us instead of reacting to reality. Eventually, the disturbance reaches us and we will be shaken. They rock our stable footing and splash us with icy, stinging truth. Sometimes we can roll with the hits, but other times we’ll be left reeling.

And when that happens, you’ll want your friends on the pontoon with you.

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