Service and self-care stuff

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I’m someone who struggles with “self-care” and “treating myself”. I’m uncomfortable with the concept of intentional indulgence. This is not to say I’m a selfless person – I definitely do indulge in food and laziness and relaxation, but it’s usually not because I decide that I deserve it as a reward for hard work.

But I’ve found that serving others can be a service to my own mental health. Making food for other people, folding their clothes, taking them out for coffee and cake… all of these things are ways to care for myself in addition to another person.

It often makes me happier to care for someone in a given way, than to do that same task for myself – I would get more fulfilment gifting my friend a voucher for a massage than having one myself (even if mine was also a gift).

If you’re like me and find typical ‘self-care’ uncomfortable, I might suggest you try service care as a way to look after your wellbeing. If this isn’t your thing either, there are plenty of other options that aren’t typical ‘treat yourself’ ideas. Journaling, reading, going for a walk, dressing up or down to suit your comfort or confidence needs… I’ve found that all of these help me.

So even if you don’t like the idea of making “self-care” I priority, I encourage you to find some way to make it work for you. Because you have a big impact on yourself. You’re the person who can both hurt and heal your own mind and health. So look after yourself.

As always, stay safe.

Kp x

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