Greetings from crazytown

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It’s been a busy few weeks for me, with many questions and concerns about work, mental health, isolation, university, doctors appointments and friendships. Some parts of Australia had their tightest lockdown yet, which came on suddenly within 24 hours. When contact tracing information was found to be incorrect, the lockdown was lifted a few days early. Basically it’s been hectic.

But now, I’ve finished my exams, found a new job and my appointments scheduled will be conducted over the phone while outbreaks are managed. Friendship engagement is online for now and I’m learning how to care for my mental state while staying home with my family.

I eagerly await deliveries of Christmas presents as well as my own orders. I practising hand-writing with fancy pens, knit, journal, practise music, exercise and run with my dog in the backyard to make time pass by. My fascination with people and the human design grows as I watch hours of pop psychology as well as read about legitimate studies. I engage with some more collaborative activities like games and jamming out to music with my sister.

In such uncertainty, these small pieces of normal are valuable, as well as holding to your core beliefs. For me, this is the knowledge of God’s control and knowledge of the world. I can trust that God understands all consequences and works all things according to his plan.

Take care of yourselves and others, do not become complacent, keep social distancing.

Stay safe,


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