Style and dissonance

Since I’ve started university I no longer wear a school uniform, and since I’ve begun working I have free reign over the clothes I choose to buy and wear.
Finding a personal style has been a bit of a roller-coaster of imposter syndrome. I have a lot of different ideas about styles that I enjoy, but none of them feel real.
Maybe it’s because I can adopt any one of them so I don’t have a foundational style to work from. Perhaps putting effort into my appearance makes me feel like I’m trying to portray a false image. Perhaps being locked down and spending months at home in comfy mismatched clothes has made me feel unsure of anything vaguely put together.
There is some kind of dissonance here.

I’m going to say you don’t have to settle on one style nor do you have to have any at all. You are not lying if you wear some clothes that aren’t typical for you, especially if you’re at home where no-one will see you. You are not lying if you try out different trends or styles. You haven’t lost your identity or true self if your taste changes over time. You are still a valid person if you don’t pay any thought to what you wear or if you dress for entirely practical reasons.

Clothing is just one mode of self-expression, and your actions will always speak louder than appearances.

Stay safe,


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