About the blogger

Full disclosure, I’m not a philosopher nor keyboard – I’m a psychology student at university with more confidence than is probably justified.

My name is Stephanie. I’m a 20 year old, Australian, Christian girl keen to share my voice on things important to me. Please note this is not an explicitly Christian blog, however I do talk about Christianity quite often because that’s a really big part of my life.

I’m passionate about writing and teaching others, particularly young people, about the value of understanding themselves and how they think. I think knowledge is invaluable and too few people these days really know what they believe. I am totally fascinated by people and their actions – whether they are deliberate or subconscious and what leads them to the decisions they make.

This blog is kind of a way I talk to myself to figure out where I stand on issues, try to promote the things I find important and add my two cents to the world wide web in the hopes someone will find it helpful. I know that my views will change over time and the things I post now may not reflect my perspective in the future, but I will keep my thoughts here as a kind of way to look back at how I have grown.

I’ve been building my identity and self for a few years now, trying to figure out how I define myself and how I’d sum myself up if someone asked me to. Those questions like describe yourself in one sentence… my sentence would be very long and difficult to read. I’m like a jigsaw puzzle with no reference picture, and I’m always finding new pieces as I am pushed through time – some fit, some don’t, some old pieces somehow get warped and don’t fit anymore and have to be thrown away, or they won’t fit in with new pieces that I prefer. Sometimes my puzzle will join and blur with others and I have to work to separate them out. I borrow bits here and there – some I keep, some I don’t. But the point is, it’s mostly getting bigger. I’m always trying to expand myself and my mind – opening up and learning new things about myself and the world. There are a few core truths, I do subscribe to the theory of personality and traits, I hope my faith is something I hold onto forever. My extraversion has been a recurrence for a very long time, a deep love of music, a terrible habit of guessing punchlines of jokes, saying it aloud with little remorse… Procrastination is a vice I haven’t shaken since high school. But there is always something new.

If you want to get in contact about a guest post, or if you want to get in touch for anything beyond a comment, you can use my Instagram page @keyboardphilosopher18