For goodness sake, take care of yourself

I had a devotion today on Psalm 23 with a group of my university friends, and we talked about rest.I've broached this topic many times but I return to it again and again because I never seem to learn the lesson. You need rest. And I don't just mean downtime, although that is important too. … Continue reading For goodness sake, take care of yourself

Competitive mental health

Photo by Element5 Digital on Blanket rule, mental health is very difficult to compare. I try to abstain from it wherever possible because sometimes I don’t even fully grasp what I’m going through, let alone trying to understand the context and trials another person is facing. But I still do it sometimes. And about … Continue reading Competitive mental health

Sorry, but you’re pretty dumb.

Don’t worry, it isn’t just you. People are, on the whole, irrational and stupid. We rely on heuristics and shortcuts leading us to mistakes and biases. We mess up all the time. We make illogical choices. We don’t do what we know we should and we go through with things we know are unwise. We’re … Continue reading Sorry, but you’re pretty dumb.