A stab in the dark is a fine start

When you don’t know what to do, don’t give up. Try you hardest and if nothing else, go down swinging. A stab in the dark is better than nothing.

I would hazard to say this applies in a lot of situations:

  • When you’re not sure how to tackle a challenge you’re presented with, just give something a shot. If it works that’s great and if not, you’ve ruled out one option.
  • When you don’t know how to comfort a friend, try something anyway. If nothing else, it shows you want to help.
  • When you don’t know which task to start with, start somewhere instead of floating in a place of indecision and fear.

But you still must be careful – this is not permission to be reckless. Use your head. There are some genuine concerns that stop people from even attempting a blind guess, but they can be reasoned with and overcome.

If you’re afraid to do something wrong, then ask what you can/should do. It’s the most direct way to find out the course of action you should take.

If pride is hindering you, you don’t even have to use the words ‘I don’t know what to do’ – you can ask in a way that shows you want to approach the situation in the best possible way instead of an ill-fitting solution that will just get you by.

You have to start somewhere, and sometimes that’s the middle of nowhere. You may feel like all you have is a blank piece of paper giving you guidance, but you can make your own notes on it to map out what you find or ask others for directions. We start life knowing very little, but we gain knowledge by asking questions and testing things out.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Wayne Gretzky


Stay safe,


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