Sleep is an alarming thing. We can nod off and then be completely unaware of the world for hours at a time. We can accidentally fall asleep in the middle of a task, and other times it feels so far out of reach when we desperately want the rest.

You can imagine dreams so mundane that for a moment you have to question if they really happened, or have crazy adventures that pay no heed to the laws of life you have come to know. You are vulnerable in your sleep, but there is an illusion of safety. We think of our beds as a safe place, even though your sleeping self is pretty much defenseless.

The world keeps turning and time marches forward, but we teleport in our slumber, not even being able to pinpoint our last moments of consciousness.

We need sleep, it keeps us alive. We often ignore this though, staying up late or waking up early to talk, work, watch… gritting our teeth to get through one last thing before we surrender to our bodies feeble plea for a break.

Although sleep is a necessity that is common to all the world, there are still some magical moments to be found. For all of its peculiarities, sleep can be truly beautiful. Is there anything more adorable than a sleeping baby? Anything more precious than holding your partner as they drift off to dreamland? More relaxing than a Saturday morning sleep in when you have nowhere you need to be? More satisfying than collapsing into a cosy nap after a long day?

Consider this your reminder: Get enough sleep, your body will thank you.

Stay safe,


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