Your career doesn’t really matter

I’ve said this before, but I need to reinforce this again – you are not just your job. You’re not just your gender, or sexuality or education or nationality or social class or any one box that you fit into.

Your identity comes from many places and it is up to you which one is most important. The most united message from the world is that your career defines who you are. It’s a question that appears very early on in getting to know a person – where do you work? What do you do?

My identity is found first in Jesus. For that reason, I don’t feel like a failure in my work as a temporary labourer. Not everything is riding on my degree or my job. Where I live isn’t a big deal, my relationship status isn’t the be all and end all, there are no life shattering consequences if I change plans about my future.

Especially at this stage of my life – not much is set in concrete. And there are some great advantages to changing directions in that you learn how to manage that process and you set a precedent that life is flexible. More than any other time in history, people will have many different jobs and careers throughout their lifetime.

Your worth is not tied solely to your job, no matter what the world may say. You have inherent value as a human and that doesn’t change if you are unemployed, a tradie, cashier, lawyer, labourer, office worker or paramedic. There are more important things in life than your job.

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